The kiss of death – smakebit på ein søndag

Smakebiten denne veka kjem frå The Kiss of Death av Marcus Sedgwick. Han skriv kjempegode grøssar-/vampyrforteljingar utan snev av Twilight ved seg. Denne historien foregår i Venezia og er prega av skrekk, gru, mørke, fuktigheit og tåke.

«The line between dream and nightmare is a fine one, and is easily crossed. Marko’s mind replayed events in broken and disjointed segments. The arrival of the letter was mixed with his father’s departure six months earlier, his journey on the caravel from Trieste became his gondola ride with Captein. He wondered where Captein was now, whether he was snoring soundly at the Leon Bianco, or had gone back to join his loving crew

Sounds swished into range and out again. The lapping of the lagoon at the foot of the house. A footstep above his head, maybe, creeping in the corridor outside. The hoot of some night bird.«


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